Luxurious Villa

The combination of the pitched roof volume and the low rectangular one, define the public functions. Whereas, the high volume combined with the pitched roof, foster the upper bedrooms and family area. The parking and other building services are contained within the force added volume. It has super deluxe specifications and finishing, 12 car parking and a private generator.

– SECOND BASEMENT: 1257 m2 garage and services.
– FIRST BASEMENT: 1520 m2 arcade, swimming pool, living room, dining room, indoor games room, family theater, suite, master bed room, gym, showers, kitchen, and services.
– GROUND FLOOR: 1530m2 main entrance, main salon, dining room (50 persons), 3 suites, 3 bed rooms and services.
– FIRST FLOOR: 1130m2, family lounge, games room, main bed room, 4 suites, 3 bed rooms and services.
– TOP ROOF: 1120m2, covered with red brick tiles..